Rerip was founded in 2006 by Meghan Dambacher and Lisa Randall.  Together, they created a successful online classifieds specific for surfers, snowboarders and skateboarders.  Their goal was to raise awareness about sustainability in the surf industry, and their message was clear:  buy used, and “rerip” them here online, and if you are going to buy new, support those in the industry who are considering the environment as they design, build, and construct your new stick.  (The classifieds are no longer a component of Rerip, as one of the IRS requirements for their 501c3 status was not allowing third-party transactions on the website.)

 At the time, the girls knew new the surf industry’s manufacturing ecosystem was flawed.  Over the past 50 years, the number of surfers has grown from 5,000 to approximately 23 Million (Future of Freedom Foundation, 2006).  This exponential growth has created a multi-billion dollar industry, and as the population of surfers continues to grow, so do the number of surfboards that surfers own.  Many avid surfers go through dozens of boards a year – boards that are highly toxic due to fiberglass resins and foam cores.

With no viable recycling programs in place, excess foam and broken or unrideable boards have few places to go besides the landfills.  Surfing is so often aligned with a healthy lifestyle, clean oceans and beaches, and it is only now that surfing’s “dirty little secret” is being exposed.  Rerip decided to become a part of the solution to this problem, and have experimented with different business plans, models and ideas, and have finally focused on one component:  to keep boards out of landfills.   To learn more about the evolution of Rerip, check out Part I of a three part video series made by Rerip’s Volunteer Marketing Director, Jeffrey Lee (Part II  and III can be viewed here:)


RERIP Part I from RERIP.org on Vimeo.