Local Organizations Join Forces for Change

Rerip thrives on partnerships, and has recently brought two of them together–Coconut Peets and the San Diego Center for Children–for a story that starts in juvenile hall and ends with the new Director of Internships.


Dillon Rendo came to the San Diego Center for Children, the oldest non-profit in San Diego, for intense therapy and rehabilitation, where he decided he wanted to change the direction of his life.  He quickly passed his GED, received is food handlers card, and qualified for an Independent Living Skills Internship.  Dillon picked the one with Coconut Peets and Rerip, and has never looked back to his old ways.  Instead of hanging on the streets and finding trouble, Dillion now specializes in repairing old boards, sales and customer service, and has just been promoted to the Internship Director, where he in charge of interviewing and managing new interns from the Center.

Beach Clean Up and Fundraiser

PB Middle Schooler Nicolas Campanga organizes a beach clean up and raffle to support Rerip. 72 lbs of debris cleared from the beach!

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Pacific Beach Math and Science Night, February 2014

Rerip was honored to have 7th grader, Stefan, do his project on Rerip.  Congrats also to the lucky board winner!!

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Museum of Photographic Arts


Dominique Kourie with the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park, San Diego, will transform these two used surfboards donated by Rerip into tables for the museum. The mission of the nonprofit Museum of Photographic Arts is to inspire, educate and engage the broadest possible audience through the presentation, collection and preservation of photography, film and video.

Preuss School UCSD Project with Surf & Serve


La Jolla teacher, Juliana Biersbach, does more than teach chemistry at the “top transformative school in the nation.”  She has turned a group of students in to conscious surfers–ones who organize beach clean ups, educate others about trash and pollution, and ones who are dedicated to community service and giving back.  Recently, Rerip has teamed up with this group, Surf & Serve, a division of SurfAid Schools Programs.  Each member of the club will be writing an essay about what surfing means to them, and the winner wins a gently used Rawson surfboard (pictured at left).  Our essay winner will be posted at the end of May–stay tuned!!

Skyline Elementary Art Project


Local hero Andy Hutchison and his daughter teamed up to create “Surf Art”, a sculpture created out of used surfboard fins.  To see more photos of this unique project, or to bid on this piece an other kid’s artclick here.