R & D

Rerip has undergone a variety of projects experimenting with discarded boards and foam. These range from grinding boards and using them as a concrete filler, to running internship opportunities for students to access the carbon footprint of the Rerip programs verses throwing boards away in landfills. Rerip also works with shapers trying to find ways to discard virgin foam and contractors who find ways to reuse it in their projects.

Rerip knows that to make a true impact in this area, they must involve experts in composites, recycling, board manufacturing, measurability and cradle to cradle philosophy.

So what’s up with the Concrete?

This experimental project has been underway for over two years now. Time and money has been spent testing the viability for surfboards as a filler in concrete. Tables, bricks and a patio have been made using “Surfcrete”.

Rerip is currently exploring other additional options for boards that cannot be surfed or used as art.