New Westminster Drop-off Expands Rerip’s Reach

New Westminster Drop-off Expands Rerip’s Reach
Successful Surfboard Recycling Program Poised for Franchising


Westminster, CA. — April 17, 2012 — Rerip’s latest surfboard recycling drop-off in Westminster, Calif. is not only keeping waste out of the landfill but it is also intended to spur local business.

The new Rerip drop-off in Westminster — one of six across the state — is located at Foam E-Z, Inc., a 19-year-old surfboard building supply company. Surfers can drop off their used or broken boards, which are then repaired and reused. Surfable and repaired boards are donated to local and international youth programs and also resold at a low cost to help support the recycling program. Unrideable boards and their remnants are used in the Rerip artist network and for research and development.

Rerip also has surfboard recycling drop-offs in San Francisco, Ventura, San Clemente, Cardiff-by-the-Sea and Point Loma. These old surfboards have been reused for unique art projects such as showers, sculptures and signs.

“We reuse 95 percent of the boards we get,” said Meghan Dambahcer, who co-created Rerip, a Solana Beach, Calif.-based volunteer-run non profit, in 2004. “We’re figuring out ways to ‘rerip’ them even it’s a part of a board or fin. We’ve done a lot of experiments with many boards.

“The mission of Rerip is to explore options for these old and used boards,” she added. “If we can’t ‘rerip’ it, that’s when we do concrete projects or sand and foam dust projects where we work with scientists and other experts to see what we can do with these materials.”

Grant Ramey, manager of Foam E-Z, said the Rerip recycling program is a great way to help the environment and business. Since the infamous closure of Clark Foam in 2005, surfboard manufacturing’s impact on the environment has taken center stage, and many of the industry’s shapers, manufactures and companies have had to reinvent and diversify themselves. Foam E-Z, whose business was primarily linked to Clark Foam, is one of them.

“Over the last six years or so we have had a huge learning experience for reinventing ourselves while still trying to stay relevant in the industry and be progressive,” Ramey said. “The Rerip surfboard recycling program is just another way for us to become more of a well rounded company. We’re not just about dollars and cents; we’re also down for the cause. We understand we have a responsibility to the environment, industry and community. We are not saving the world; we’re just trying to be part of something that leads to a better environment.”

As part of the new surfboard drop-off, Rerip has partnered with Westminster-based surf entrepreneur Alain Betancourt. Betancourt, who runs AB Surfboard Repair, will be in charge of picking up the used surfboards from Foam E-Z and then will repair and re-sell them. The first-time partnership could be Rerip’s foray into franchising its surfboard recycling program. Until now, Rerip volunteers have been responsible for picking up the used surfboards from the organization’s drop-off points.

“This is pilot to see if can we franchise the Rerip model where we are not there to mange it,” Dambacher said. “This type of partnership makes it a community effort. It’s a great giving back cycle, whether it’s to another person or to the environment.”

For Betancourt, the partnership with Rerip is a big business boost for the repair shop.

“This new partnership with Rerip helps our business tremendously,” he said. “I want people to look at AB Surfboard Repair as a shop that cares. I care about my fellow surfer and the environment. I’m still stoked about the sport. Nowadays surfing has gained and garnered a lot of respect. We hold jobs and are responsible people who care about the environment.”

About Rerip

Founded in 2004, Solana Beach, Calif.-based Rerip is a non-profit organization striving to keep surfboards out of landfills,. Run by a team of volunteers, Rerip sets up drop-off locations for people to take their unwanted boards, fins and wetsuits. Rerip also hosts local events and awareness campaigns, and is finding and inspiring new ways to reduce waste and harmful practices in the surf industry. For more information please visit

About Foam E-Z

Foam E-Z is a Westminster, Calif.-based one-stop surf supply company founded by Brad Nadell in 1993. Besides supplying foam blanks to some of the industry’s top surfboard shapers, Foam E-Z also sells other surfboard supplies such as ding repair kits, resin and cloth, shaping/glassing tool kits, sanding pads, SUP parts, leash cups and fin boxes, surfboard graphics and tools, and even surfboard instructional DVDs and travel books. Foam E-Z is also a service based business offering professional shaping lessons, professional glassing service, shape rooms for rent, board packing/shipping, and much more. Foam E-Z is located at 6455 Industry Way, Westminster, CA. 92683. The phone number is (714) 896-8233.

For more information please visit

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