Sponsor Profiles

Partners and Sponsors
While some of these organizations are more corporate than others, their involvement and partnership are key to Rerip’s growth and success. Thank you very much!

Coconut Peet’s
Coconut Peet’s, located in Point Loma, California, is the best ding repair shop on the planet. They repair almost anything, and recycle what they do not. They are key to helping Rerip keep boards out of landfills. http://www.coconutpeets.com/

Sanuk Sandals supports Rerip by offering product at events, for volunteers and soon for members. They are becoming more eco aware by bagging their sandals in compostable bags and making more shoes from sustaninable materials while being the coolest shoe company ever. http://www.sanuk.com/

Patagonia Cardiff is the pilot store for testing and promoting the surfboard recycling program in Southern California. The store is currently the most active drop-off location for Rerip’s recycling program, and they support Rerip’s annual Future of Surfing event each year. http://www.patagonia.com/

Malama Composites
Malama Composites is one of Rerip’s first partners and they together started the “Future of Surfing” event. The company is a leader in the sustainable foam industry–using plant-based ingredients in the production or surf blanks, and constantly pushing the envelope to minimize their “carbon footprint.” http://www.malamacomposites.com/about/story

Wade Koniakowsky
Wade Koniakowsky, a local and well known surf artist, has been involved in all of Rerip’s fundraising events, including the past three “Future of Surfing” fundraisers. Through donations of his time and his widely recognized art, he has helped the company meet and exceed it’s fundraising goals. http://www.koniakowsky.com/

Memberships Available Now!
Rerip has filed for non profit status and depends on the support of people like you to support and expand it’s charitable programs.

Show your support and become a member today! For only $30, you will receive a Rerip sticker, towel and waterbottle, and know that you are supporting research, awareness campaigns, and programs to advance sustainability in surfing.

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